“As we move on from Manchester we are sad to say goodbye to you all. Finn has been happy and settled from the moment he arrived. He has developed so much in the last 8 months under your caring. Supportive and encouraging environment.” Helen

“We want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone, Niamh has been so happy here over the past 2 years. We have watched her develop so much. We are sad she is leaving but we will always remember the fantastic start in life that you have given her. She has had a wonderful time and made some great friends” Matthew and Caroline

“It’s a sad day as Zoe is leaving to move on to the next adventure at school but we also look back with joy at the great time and experiences she has had at Monkey Puzzle. Thank you for the love and kindness shown to Zoe in helping her grow.” Dave & Sara

“To everybody who has played a part in making Phoebe’s time in Baby 1 & 2 so enjoyable and successful. We just want to say thank you for all you have done. She absolutely loves nursery and it’s all down to the fantastic relationships she has with you all – you are wonderful.” Emma & Alex

“Thank you so much for helping us to settle Otis. Everyone has been very supportive. It’s great to see how he has already developed in one month, he definitely loves Nursery. Many thanks for all your help and hard work…… he has clearly enjoyed himself and had fun with all the play and activities. We have noticed significant development as a result.” Callum & Claire

“Thanks for the opportunity to see what George gets up to all day. It has been very informative….all the activities were great , well organised and the staff work really hard.” Donna

“It’s been great seeing what goes on at nursery and all the activities… It’s a great environment for the children and its makes me realise how hard the staff have to work! Well done everyone.” Paul

“Thanks for having an open day, it’s a great opportunity to see what my child does at nursery. The dancing is clearly a favourite activity” Rowan

“It was great to see circle time and the range of emotions the children were able to express, along with reasons. I was also impressed with the letter and number recognition activities, including dinosaur names and the number penguins.” Krista

“It was a delightful learning session. Seeing the children interact with each other. There were lots of interesting activities which the children engaged in. Such a pleasure to be part of it.”

“Was it your staff and children who were waving at the traffic last Thursday. If it was, then let me tell you what a lovely experience it was to see such happy, smiling and laughing faces. The joy was on the faces of the adults and young children.  I waved back and it felt really good, a great start to my long day” Maria