February Roundup

A little slice of nursery activities in February

Our baby 2 children took a trip to the fire station to see if they could see a fire engine, but they were all out… a fun time was had by all though.

We got all loved up in honour of St Valentine in Toddlers, baking and decorating biscuits for our grown ups.

Baby 1 have been playing row boats with the babies giggling in box boats! We have also had animal time in the tuft spot and songs and stories!

Baby 2 have been playing out in the garden and have had fun inside with water play.

Teenies have spent time in the garden and have had role-play in the home corner to encourage health and self care. Also practising using toy cutlery and sipping from cups with no lids to support physical development. They have also had story time with the Hungry Caterpillar.